Welcome to my basement, where I store my side projects, and let you snoop at my photo albums.

I’ve thrived the last decade by consulting with starry-eyed startups and monster name-brand organizations on web marketing strategy and UI development.

For the winter seasons, I’ve snowbirded to live abroad in 7 different countries and have become an expert expat.

In the US, I have communities in SF, NYC and Cambridge, MA – (apparently I like expensive rent prices). Abroad, I’ve spent large stints in Medellin, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Saigon and Cairo


I’m semi-nomadic but I’m not a backpacker or a minimalist. Although I globetrot, I’m committed to building community and seeing projects through for as long as they take. My number one interest is to be contributing, learning and growing and helping those around me to do the same.

One of my life philosophies is that there is no merit in progress or accomplishments – we’ll always level off to a natural state. For me, I work hard and strive after goals because it is my favorite way to connect with other people.

Photography is a part of my life. It reminds me to be awake, present and pause to notice the light. It feels like writing with your eyes. A good shoot, gives you a new way to see to the world. An amazing shot, sits in your brain when you close your eyes and inspires you to take action.

Most of the time, I like to go to the same office, or coffee shop every day, and learn something new or work through a challenge. Other times I’m after building stories with “headlines”.

Here are a few of my favorite headlines

I rode my bike across the USA. I worked as a lead front end engineer creating Harvard’s online classes. I’m a self-taught full stack developer and built a saas app. I’ve designed and manufactured my own products abroad. I danced salsa in Colombia for months. I danced tango in Argentina for months. I was a photographer in Mexico City and had my photos featured in the New York Times. I visited every city on my dream travel bucket list. I had over 163 roommates and thrive in collective housing. I sold six figures worth of products on eBay before I graduated high school. I bought a school bus in college with my best friend and took 15 strangers on a paid tour of the USA. Give me a challenge and a good story to join!


For collaborations, photography, consulting or just to meetup for tea, you can reach me at: alfred@ahhfred.com

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