I’m a traveling entrepreneur and creative tinkerer. I build projects from scratch using my web UI, marketing and visual design skills.

Currently I’m living in Medellin, Colombia where everyday is spring time.

In the US, I have communities in SF, NYC and Cambridge, MA – (apparently I like expensive rent prices). I work from there for the half year to keep in touch with my people and then pick different places to live and work abroad. I’ve spent large stints in Medellin, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Cairo.


I’m not a backpacker or a minimalist. And I’m definitely not a 4-hour work person. Although I globetrot, I’m committed to building community and seeing projects through for as long as they take. My number one interest is to be contributing, learning and growing and helping those around me to do the same.

One of my life philosophies is that there is no merit in progress or accomplishments, we’ll always level off to a natural state. For me, I work hard and strive after goals because it is my favorite way to connect with other people.

I have a passion for taking pictures. Writing with your eyes. Showing people a different way to see. Awakening imaginations and inspiring others to do, to go, to take a breath and notice the light.

As an entrepreneur, I incorporated my first company when I was sixteen and sold six figures worth of server equipment. From there I’ve consulted with teams on web applications for both Harvard and MIT as well as more startups than I can remember. As a creative, I’ve collaborated with artists in Mexico and Colombia and have had photos in publications such as file-magazine and the New York Times. I took a summer to ride my bicycle across the country with a group for charity. I organized a school bus trip with my best friend in college and took fifteen strangers to see the US. Give me a challenge and an adventure to dive into.


For collaborations, photography, consulting or just to meetup for tea, you can reach me at: alfred@ahhfred.com

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