What I’m doing:

Building a company that encourages American’s to travel immersively and get with the global pulse.

Making time to go to coffeeshops and day dream ideas that I can gift to the world.

Flaneuering. Building community. Meeting interesting people I can collaborate with (is that you? email me thoughtfully: alfred (at) ahhfred.com

Past headlines for us to relate on: 

I rode my bike across the USA. I worked as a lead front end engineer creating Harvard’s online classes. I’m a self-taught full stack developer and built a saas app. I’ve designed and manufactured products worlwide. I danced salsa in Colombia for months. I danced tango in Argentina for months. I was a photographer in Mexico City and had my photos featured in the New York Times. I’ve had over a hundred roommates in over a dozen cities worldwide and thrive in collective housing. I’ve visited every place on my dream bucket list. I bought a school bus in college with my best friend and took 15 strangers on a paid tour of the USA. Always looking for good stories and unique challenges.