Already There – Mindfulness journal

TLDR; I made a mindfulness journal you can keep by your bedside to help you stay content while accomplishing big things. The prompts will prime your brain with what you need to think about in the mornings and close the day in a gentle way.

Meet Already There.

Its mission is to:

  • Keep you present with your senses daily
  • Make you feel abundant in simplicity 
  • Orient you towards servicing others
  • Be aware of where you’re drawing energy and losing energy. 

I recommend this for makers, people who are generally action-oriented or anyone who wants to create and serve from a place of contentment. 
I made it mostly for myself because I needed it and I”m excited to share it.

Behind The Scenes: Making the journal

This was different from other projects in that I solicited help from the beginning, and I invested money into it before I could tell whether people will like it.

One of the main lessons I learned from other side projects is that even though it’s slower to start involving people from the beginning it ensures it will keep going (and it’s more fun!).

I spent a lot of time dreaming up the systems to make this go, and I’m excited to see how this will take shape. 

On that note..  Are you interested in taking this seed of a side project and giving it more life? Message me!

The Brand and Naming:

While taking a walk in San Francisco, I was listening to the Talking Heads song “Naive Melody”. It brought me back to my late teens years in the suburbs of Boston with my hometown friend.

We all used to get together in somebody’s basement or barn and sing along with David Byrne and dance. It made us all feel so alive and that we were right where we needed to be. 

I was struck by the line “Home, I guess I’m Already There”. There was no question that’s I wanted to call something that would capture that feeling. 

More than anything, I love the brand name, and I hope to keep building on it in some way or another or pass it on to someone else to build on top of. 

Already There Values:

I wanted to be thoughtful about the values associated with this project. This is what I came up with, and each of the daily questions in the journal refers to one of these: 

  • Gratitude
  • Presence through senses
  • Intentionality 
  • Energy Awareness
  • Self-love
  • Service

Do you have other questions about how I made this? Feel free to ask. 

Thank Yous:

Thanks to Laura, Jeremy, Kelsey, Carly, George, Kat, Brent and all the amazing Agapians for helping me make this among many friends in NYC. 

I had fun making it and thinking about it. I hope it helps you (and if it does please let me know)

If the price is at all cost-prohibitive, please let me know and I will send you one. Right now, it’s close to break-even with the creation costs. 

Other ways to be involved and follow along if you don’t want a journal: 

  • Follow the instagram for daily inspiration around the brand values.
  • Join the 3-week mindfulness course (on the website) for an intro the project