11-27-16 – my bird house

This is my morning tree. What seems to be hundreds of birds live in there as if their own apartment building. I plan my day in their improvised symphony. My brain feels as noisy as the soundscape with thoughts competing for attention. Projects. Businesses. Ideas. Studies. Appointments. Futurethink. I take a half hour here to plan how I’ll spend the waking day. I dread flapping and circling in an anxious overdose of freedom. Thousands of miles away from where I was born and another thousand miles away from where I grew up, I find it strange that a perch like …

12-27-17 – Fire

We talk about sculpture gardens and Bob who built a playground inside of a shoe factory. While molding cement into another masterpiece,they beat him to death and staged it, as if he misstepped and tossed himself away in the fervor of creation. Taking turns to smash a metal pick into a tree sculpted by termites and set it to fire. Chasing the smoke in circles that always finds our eyes to burn.

12-21-17 – Baja Birthday

The easy intimacy of a cave. Blackness under a colorful blanket pulled over our heads. Corn that needs dancing to be peeled and birthdays with the lights already off.

1-20-17 – back to dirt

The past could never predict such a disaster as a presidency being lowered to Trump. It started out so unbelievable and comical, until the impossible happened. I can’t help but think that it’s all our fault and it pains me to see people blame this on unknown others. Like the rich separating into their private enclaves, the educated have abandoned and blamed half of a group that they belong to.

1-31-16 – New Years Plants

One of my favorite Texas surprises is that fruit trees grow in front yards. On a particularly glorious November afternoon, I passed a family harvesting their orange tree, filling several baskets with plump fruit. I waved, complimented the tree, and without hesitation the mother grabbed two oranges and brought them down to me at the fence. A man, who seemed to be the caretaker of the household, gave her a comment about not giving me so many. She rushed backed and stuffed my arms until I couldn’t carry another fruit. I politely accepted two and walked home laughing. The women …