Mixcard is an app that brings back the mixtape in postcard format.


It lets you create a mixtape playlist on the site, pick an art print, and then it will print and mail a postcard with your music attached to it as a QR code. When your friend receives the postcard they can then use their iPhone to listen to it.

Mixcard is interesting to me in that it merges digital and physical. Something that I think will be more commonplace in the future especially when RFID tags become more ubiquitous.

At the time, I was particularly interested in making the project because it was an opportunity to learn python and django which was a goal of mine. I hid out from the world for 3 months in Berlin and finally filled in the gaps of knowledge with backend programming.

We put mixcard on kickstarter to pre-sell and gauge interest. we got over 150% to our goal. You can view the video here:

Fulfillment of the physical prizes took a few weeks, which I expected. I don’t advise making t-shirts as a reward for your kicsktarter.

To this day hundreds of mixcards have been sent all over the world and the app does well during the holiday season and valentines as expected.

On this project we were able to lock in a partnership with NPR, to create a “send as a postcard” button, for their radioshows. Postcards and radio seem to go well together.