School Bus Across the USA

I took 15 people across the USA on a 3 week school bus trip with my best friend in college.

My friend drove buses for the college at the time. He had an idea to buy a bus and take people across the country on it. Of course I loved this idea and began working on the logistics.

We bought a retired school bus on ebay from the Virginia school district, and spent the next few months retrofitting it for long term travel.

Over the winter season, we advertised in the school newspaper and began to interview people for the 15 spots on the bus, which would each cost $500.

The trip was exactly the type of misadventure you would expect to see in a movie, with people on board like a MFA photographer, a few hippies, a frat member and an exchange student from Ireland. After 4,000 miles on the road, the bus finally gave up on itself, leaving us to our wits in a town in the middle of no where.