1-31-16 – New Years Plants


One of my favorite Texas surprises is that fruit trees grow in front yards. On a particularly glorious November afternoon, I passed a family harvesting their orange tree, filling several baskets with plump fruit. I waved, complimented the tree, and without hesitation the mother grabbed two oranges and brought them down to me at the fence.
A man, who seemed to be the caretaker of the household, gave her a comment about not giving me so many. She rushed backed and stuffed my arms until I couldn’t carry another fruit.
I politely accepted two and walked home laughing. The women was so determinedly giving! Even with the miserly man trying to close her off to the world, albiet with a type of protective love.
I went home and ate the oranges in a row, because they were easily the best in my life, being careful to save all the seeds.

Here are the most promising future trees. Destiny’s darlings. I’m dreaming 20 years from now of giving away oranges, oranges and oranges. A century from now one of them outliving me and the women.
Love makes more love. It doesn’t run out. Give as much as you can. Happy New Years everyone

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