Creating For Relevance

Imagination is a beautiful tool when mixed with the present. However, it can bring you to irrelevance and disconnection if you try to go too deep without opening your eyes to what’s around you.

Looking intensely at your present moment environment for resources and inspiration is not only a fruitful actively but will bring you to life. It will help you create work that’s relevant and connected.

I’ve met artists who are so isolated that their works become esoteric. They’re able to reach small groups of people on the off chance that their imaginative tirade lands on a branch that other disconnected people happen to reach.

You can find valuable gems about the human condition by going deep in the brain but they’re more easily understood if they’re reconnected with something on the surface so they can be accessible to most people.

With this idea in mind, it’s monumentally helpful to put yourself in present moment contexts where you are surrounded by the people you are creating for. The more immersed you can be in the same environment of your audience the more relevant your work will be.

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