Glimpse. Dalat, Vietnam

Spending the afternoon watching the coffee grow on the porch.



Josh lives here with his wife Rolan and baby Lee. Baby Lee is on the the porch too making his first sounds: “ca deedle dooo”. The roosters are all over the soundscape so I’m not surprised.



Of course I had to know how they met. Josh started out like many travelers, teaching English in Ho Chi Minh, then eventually moved to leading vespa tours through Vietnam. He would stop by Rolan’s village in Dalat every other week and that start is all that really matters.



Now they grow, roast and serve their own coffee under the brand K’ho (pronounced “ca ho”) named after Rolan’s hill tribe. If you visit Dalat, I recommend a short and scenic motorbike ride to Coolan village, where you can sample their coffee.


kho coffee


Also, pictured is their friend James’s homemade pizza oven where I was reunited with western eating.



This porch sit down, combined with the pizza session, and capped off with a volley ball game with the K’ho hill tribe made for my favorite day after several months in south east asia.

Thanks to my friend Will Frith, coffee roaster extraordinaire, who invited me along and skipped with me all the way down Lang Bian mountain. And Josh and Rolan for letting us peak at their life.

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