San Francisco – Summer 2015

San Francisco – Summer 2015

I start my day by looking at Bernal Heights, and end my day by running to the top. At first I could barely make it past the first steep section without searching where on the sidewalk I was going to puke.

It’s been three months in San Francisco. Assimilating back to The Bubble after a year away was a surprising struggle.

Everyone is busy. I’m busy. Filtering events and prioritizing personal time is necessary. I have to make quick judgements about people. I have to sharpen my wit or else I get filtered too.

At the same time, it’s stimulating and motivating to have all these intricate minds passing inspiration. On my first day, someone made a reference from a 90’s bands to Dostoevsky in the same sentence which sent my neurons pinballing to dusty corners.

Much of the street culture and weirdness was out of my reach since I had to focus on making bigger money to support a life here – and since I was on a definite mission. Most people here are on missions.

Peoples’ eyes are glazed into the future they’re creating for the rest of the world. I can’t find the bohemian vibe that I remember from spending winters here – maybe it moved out or it’s hidden away and I need to dig more to find it (update: here is some of it). I have to schedule alone time, and watch my finances, and not forget to meditate.

One thing I’m sure of: I want more of less.

At least for the time being. Or until I get to the point where I can personally take weekdays off to wander without being anxious about keeping up. Of course it’s a blessing that I have the ability to even make these choices.

I can run all the way up Bernal now without stopping on my new hill-legs.  I also kind of like it here and had multiple only-in-SF experiences. (Being pitched startups at Dolores, running into the “How Weird” festival on a casual sunday and having it morph my afternoon into a party, going to the movies and then being invited to the director’s house after he made a surprise appearance, taking a google bus to a secret beach and making tea for new friends through the night).

Travelers need to find their habits quickly. Those runs and that view were that for me. Along with discovering the regular dance scene which is one of the best in the world. Thank you brutal hill. Thank you beat-tastic body charmers. Thank you warm friends and housemates who welcomed me into your lives. You kept me going this time around.

Time to shock the system again. I’m off for a jaunt to Vilnius, Lithuania and Budapest.

Top photo is from my roof having tea with the butt table. Bottom photo is from the summit of Bernal. For more SF pictures peak the instagram

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Media of Note:

Book Modern Romance – A hilarious collaboration by standup comedian, Aziz Ansari and sociologist, Eric Klinenberg. Maybe even practical too if you don’t know your text message edict. Aziz finds people who recently started dating a new person and digs into their text message correspondence on stage. The findings are most relevant for power cities where everyone is busy, like SF, LA and NYC.

Podcast I read the Aziz book after hearing a segment on “The American Life” – Captain’s Log Episode, a moving hour of radio which also details an account of girl scouts who lived through a concentration camp. Extra rich when you keep Frankl’s – Man’s Search for Meaning in Mind.

Movie Boy – Available on Netflix. a coming of age story of an 11 year New Zealander – if you like Boyhood this is the same type of theme with a more lighthearted tuning and entertaining Kiwi accents.

Music Surf – An undervalued gem. Undervalued because it’s free on itunes – No idea why. I was a fan of Chance the Rapper to start so this was easy to get into. I’ve listened to it a few times through and still like it.

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