The Brain Blender

If you do any type of creative work, you need to start thinking of your brain as a blender.

What comes out in your work is a mix of what goes into your mind. More important than how fast it cycles around, or what type of granularity setting you select, is the ingredients.

The ingredients are always the most critical component.

Think of a case where you admire a certain type of work, and want to create something like it. The best thing you can do is immerse your brain in every facet of it. Find ingredients that are similar or would compliment and toss them in.

As important as adding, is removing anything that you don’t want to be in the mixture. Take as much stimulus out that you don’t want to be in the work. This won’t be perfect but you can do your best. Create spaces where you can choose what enters into the blender for a certain time slot.

To bring something new to a certain genre or a work add something very random. We are all bored of looking at projects that are exact replicas. This is caused by people following a recipe exactly or using identical ingredients as someone else without adding. Add something new and random to your mind. Take a trip. Watch a strange youtube video. Attend an event that you normally wouldn’t go to. Bring them to your work.

Lastly, the most unique thing you is in every recipe is you. Scoop your history in. Sprinkle in your feelings. Swirl in your experiences.

What comes is always a mixture of what goes in.

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