Why I’m starting a personal newsletter and why you should too

I’m starting a newsletter! Woohoo. Get ready for cat memes straight to your inbox 3x a day. 🙂 🙂 🙂 . Totally kidding. 

So yeah, what’s with all this newsletter business? Well, I haven’t posted on Facebook for almost a year now, and it’s not because I don’t have anything to say or that I fell in a ditch and haven’t been making anything. 

I have my newsfeed blocked and I’m really not encouraged to post things on an ad-supported platform. Talk about a blackhole for brainwaves. Why should I support that? 

The newsletter is a way to share directly with my network. It’s to show you what I’ve been making and what my friends have been making. It’s to share a part of my world, but in a less urgent, “look at me” kind of way. It’s to offer more learnings. It’s to ask for help and to offer help in return. It’s a way to build community. 

What I’m most excited for is the ability to communicate in long form so I can start thinking in long form naturally. 

You should start a personal newsletter too! Hear me out!


  • If you’re a creator, thinker or tinkerer.
  • If you want to practice sharing more thoughtfully.
  • If you just want to own your communication channel.

Here are a few reasons to consider starting your own

You want to share longer form information (and train your brain to think deeper).

My friend Katie many years ago in Mexico City told me how she started seeing the world in blog-o-vision after she started blogging. Everything she did or saw became a blog post. What’s fascinating here is the format that you share is how you end up training your brain to perceive your experiences. Writing a newsletter will help you think about themes that are happening for you and how you want to share them. 

You don’t want to be censored or cut off because of algorithms.

Social media platforms won’t necessarily censor you unless you do something ridiculous; however, hey will completely cut you out from their feed based on their algorithm, which is basically censoring. I recently learned that there is a term for this – it’s called being “shadow banned”.

I can’t remember where I read this, but somewhere it mentioned that the most powerful people in our society right now are the people who control the algorithms. They’re the ones that pick what we see. They can make us happy or depressed and even sway elections.  

Create another channel for yourself! Email is still the most direct way to communicate with many people at once. 

You want to stay in touch with people you meet!

This could be one of the best things you do for yourself to feel connected and supported. People want to hear from you. I want to hear from you. I’d personally love to get a simple photo with a thought once a month from each of my friends; or a one paragraph update about what’s happening in their lives. Even better? A big launch a friend or colleague is working on. I love supporting my network!

You want to stay connected with people who are ditching social media platforms!

I don’t want to be out of touch with my friends all over the world, but I also don’t want to keep using Facebook or Instagram in the way I do. Overall it’s turning into a place where I can go to distract myself for minutes at a time. Ideally I’d use it to see what new people are all about or for messaging and events. 

The way I see most friends battling the dopamine feeder that is social media is by completely unplugging. They temporarily delete the apps and inevitably download it later.  I do the same and will shamelessly continue to do so until I find a better way.

Why keep feeding this machine and losing touch with people who rightfully leave it? 

Start your newsletter already! I want to hear from you!

Here is link to join mine:

How to get started if you feel called

  •  Sign up for https://substack.com/ (I’m not affiliated but this is the best service right now. The great part is that since it’s email, you can always take all your “friends” and move them to a different service at any time. 
  • Post on your Facebook with a link to your newsletter and something like:

       “Hey, I’d like to connect with you all more thoughtfully through a newsletter. Subscribe here to get personal updates!” [add your link to your newsletter]

Read this if you want to be convinced: [link to this article] ?

  • Block a repeating calendar event for 1-2 hours once a month or every two month to write and send, or do it with a friend to keep you accountable. 

What to put in your newsletter

  • ANYTHING! JUST START! Even one photo. You can do music, movies, photos, family… Don’t take it so seriously. The Idea is to start. Then you’ll have the flexibility later to share more. You can put in various amounts of effort based on where you’re at, what you’re working on, and what you need help with. 

It can even be like the old school family holiday letter if you wish, and you can send it once a year. The key is to just start. 

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